our approach

  • detect root causes to problems that plague our clients' businesses
  • ​identify the voice of the customer to align goals with customers' needs and clients' expectations
  • monitor results and make deliberate adjustments as necessary

About our firm

Unencumbered by the corporate entanglements of larger organizations, SomarHealth is a nimble boutique healthcare consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC.  SomarHealth provides services to clients throughout the United States.

Physician group practices, hospital systems, academic medical centers and other business process outsourcing companies choose to work with SomarHealth because we take the time to understand each client's business on a granular level.

SomarHealth serves our clients by creating successful partnerships.  We thoroughly and expeditiously analyze our clients' current condition, help our clients envision their ideal state then generate and execute an action plan.  Stakeholders are involved throughout the process and provided with deliverables and timetables.

The Trusted experts in practice management
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