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SomarHealth is pleased to receive valuable feedback from clients.  We strive to ensure the client's goals are sustained.

JAMES HAY, MD | Interventional Pain Physician & Anesthesiologist
"Brian has been a breadth of fresh air to our practice!  Insightful, well-informed, extremely knowledgeable as well as highly motivated and with exceptional integrity.  He is personable and very easy to work with."

ERICA MOULTON | Hospital Marketing Specialist
"I had the pleasure of reading your [marketing] proposal.  It's one of the best we have ever received.  Thank you for being so thorough."

GARY FRIEDMAN, MD | Consultant, Center for Operating Room Excellence
"We were impressed with the 'Anesthesia Billing Compliance Scorecard' developed by Mr. Ramos.  The document is easy to read and the format understandable.  The head's-up comparison of the staff member to the group is a great way to motivate the individual.  It also provides the compliance officer with well presented, objective data."

MICHAEL WEINSTEIN, MD | Gastroenterologist
“Your superb info on EGD volume and denials was well received.  As noted below, it has even triggered our counsel to ask others for similar info.”

STEVEN HATTAMER, MD | President, Center for Operating Room Excellence
"We were very impressed with Mr. Ramos.  His mind for logistics and attention to detail made our visit smooth and highly productive."

RICHARD GELFAND, MD | Gastroenterologist
"What a delight it has been working with Brian on this project - you have a good one."

CYNTHIA CHROBAK, MD | Anesthesiologist
"Your contributions continue to stun us.  Appreciated!"